Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In his new book, The Little Big Things, Tom Peters discusses enthusiasm repeatedly. Both directly and indirectly. Not to mention the enthusiasm that characterizes Tom and permeates his writing.  Just open the inside cover (or the back cover for that matter) and read “The 19 E’s of Excellence”.  Enthusiasm heads the list.  “Enthusiasm!  Be an irresistible force of nature!”

Part of my undistinguished and largely unenthusiastic academic career in high school was spent studying Greek.  Somehow enthusiasm stuck in my mind.  Enthusiasm comes to us from the Greek, enthousiasmos, equivalent to possession by a god.  Or en + theos, a divinity within us.  Surely there is a linguist out there who will quibble with this, but I like the notion that when we are truly enthusiastic, we are somehow approaching the divine, nearing our best selves. 

No wonder Peters is such a compelling force.   No wonder we do well to listen to him.    

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