Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where There's A Will

Where There’s a Will

On December 2nd, 2012, William Head Williams died as the result of an accidental drug overdose, following a lengthy struggle with addiction.  Through The New York Community Trust, William’s family has established the Where There’s a Will Fund to educate and inform people about drug abuse and its prevention, to provide ever more enlightened treatment for addicts, to help make treatment options for addicts more readily available, and to remove the stain of shame surrounding this disease.  Charitable donations may be made to:
Community Funds, Inc.
fbo The Where There’s a Will Fund

The New York Community Trust
909 Third Avenue
New York, NY  10022



  1. Love you Will. So glad to see good things happening in your memory. Miss you.

  2. Thanks Juliana. Anything and everything you can do to help keep his memory alive is appreciated.

  3. Hi, this is Miranda. I'm the one who's Scholarship is in your name @ the sober living house I'm at in Austin tx. Thanks for the encouragement every time I see this picture I see you telling me that I CAN DO THIS. I also think of how that could've been me. But through God's grace & mercy I'm still alive, and I have a chance to live. Thank you William, Muchh LOVE. (: Miranda

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  5. Thanks WIll! Love you!

  6. Saw video on UTube today. Yes, we need much change with addressing the addiction challenge. I don't have much faith in the traditional ways of treating addicts and do feel many businesses are there to make $$$ and not solve the addiction. Thanks for the great video, thanks to Margot Head too.

  7. I just watched a video on YouTube, and all I can say is GOD bless the three of you !!! I to an fighting this addiction disease. I do not have it, but my son does. And I am fighting it, because I refuse to lose him to it !! It has all but destroyed us as a family. We have spent every dime of savings that we had. He is good for now, at an adventure therapy treatment Centre. He has 1 more month of three, then to transition house. We are not sure if we can help him pay for his after care, but this center has helped him so much more than the other 5. And yet we know there is NO garentee. But you words just hit me and I just had to reach out and say, THANK YOU, for fighting for change. Your wife's three bullets hit the nail on the head !!!