Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dan Garodnick for Council Speaker

Unlike most every New Yorker, I’ve had the opportunity to know Dan Garodick for much of his life.  I taught him when he was in high school.  I’ve known for a long time what all of New York needs to know.  Put simply, Dan is a mensch - a smart, hard working, generous and compassionate mensch.  Since his youth, his career has been distinguished by common sense, class, and integrity. 
I know Dan.  I know both his accomplishment and his potential.  Clearly, so do his colleagues on the City Council.  I am an outsider when it comes to politics.  I could probably be classified as both naive and simplistic at those times when I engage in discussion about politics.  Nonetheless, I have to ask why, left to their own devices, the council members would not select Dan to help lead thoughtful, vigorous, discussion of the issues that face our city.  Dan represents the very dignity our city deserves.  A secure mayor ought to embrace the independent, rational discourse Dan can lead. I wish the city knew Dan the way I do.  I wish our new mayor did.  I hope his fellow council members do and act accordingly.   

Bill Williams
220 West 98th Street

New York, NY  10025     

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