Thursday, December 11, 2014

SantaCon Redux

I first posted this on my blog a year ago. William’s memorial service was December 15th, 2012.  An update seems appropriate.    

“As we emerged from William’s memorial service in Midtown Manhattan exactly a year ago, Saturday, December 15th, we were embraced by a swarm of drunken Santas. The irony of leaving the memorial for someone who died due to a substance use disorder, only to encounter the obscenity of a mob of drunken Santas, reindeer, and elves was not lost on us.  SantaCon was in full swing. 
Fortunately the New York Times has spared me having to reflect on this event.  I’m happy to say that Lee Seinfeld, the owner of my local watering hole, wants nothing to do with the event.” 

Here is an op-ed piece that captures my feelings nicely.  Thank you Jason Gilbert.    

You can also go here to find Times reportage on the event:

Or, for that matter, try the LA Times:

This year, add this piece by Meredith Hoffman in The Village Voice:

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