Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 Activity Summary

We’re proud to share what we done in the past year to honor the mission of the Where There’s A Will Fund. The Fund made its first distributions this past year.  Four groups we have  worked with closely were the beneficiaries.  Go to their websites to learn more about their good work. 

Addiction Policy Forum 
Facing Addiction
Friends of Recovery  - New York

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids 

We continue to work on our own:

Margot and Bill joint testimony before Congressional Committee on Combating the Opioid Epidemic 2/28/17

Margot’s Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Two essays published in Addiction Unscripted
An essay in The Episcopal New Yorker
An essay in Motherwell -
An essay on Partnership for Drug Free Kids Parent Blog  11/10/17

Partnership for Drug Free Kids Parent Blog 
5/11 – “The Insurance and Treatment System Failed This Family.
                Now They’re On A Mission To Help Others.”
6/13 – “9 Stories of 9 Inspiring Dads”

International Overdose Awareness Day/Fed Up Rally
Morningside Park – Hurleyville, NY  8/31/17

Rachel Carson High School, New York City  10/11/17
Sponsored by the ’Mentor Foundation


Guest spots on WJFF 90.5, Jeffersonville, New York

Theater/Improv/Play Workshops

BIGVision - 3/17 & 10/17

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - Staff Workshop 11/29/17


HHS/Medicine X Opioid Design-a-thon Workshop - Presenter and Participant
Washington DC 12/5,6,7/17


Addiction Policy Forum
Bill recognized as a “2017 Advocate of The Year”

Caron – Greater New York Service Awards
An “Unsung Hero Award”

Caron's generous citation read: “Bill Williams is a father who lost his son to addiction, but his loss has driven him to passionately help others in need of hope and understanding. Since the death of his 24-year-old son, William, Bill works tirelessly to fight the stigma associated with substance use disorder by sharing his story to help others and speak to the desperate need for change. Current laws and societal patterns obstruct the recovery process for many, and Bill has worked with lawmakers, medical professionals, law enforcement, addiction researchers, community organizers and lobbyists to fight for change. He works with the Addiction Policy forum and Friends of Recovery New York to help bring about imperative changes in law. Bill also teaches theater and improv classes for BIGVISION, showing those recovering from addiction that they can find meaning, release and calm through the fun and joy acting and improv provides. His essays have appeared in publications for the New York Times, “Nora’s Blog,” National Institute on Drug Abuse, The Partnership for Drug Free Kids, Phoenix House, Freedom Institute, Medium, and Addiction Bill is an inspiration to all, showing how grief and loss can be transformed to benefit the lives of others.”

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